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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm back!

After several months of preoccupation with building my primary business website ,, I am happy to loop back here to revisit and revive this additional blog on a theme that remains near and dear to me. W&W is really a place for personal journey discussion. Those who want to talk biz, please contact me personally and we'll take it from there.

Here, I invite you to help start and then feed a conversation about the many ways in which we, as women, have developed attitudes and feelings about money and our relationship to it in life.

To get the ball rolling, I will share that I have had a great deal of inner conflict about this topic throughout my life. While part of me is undeniably ambitious and opportunity-seeking, and I can go after money for causes and other people's needs without batting an eye, I am much more circumspect when it comes to revealing--or even acknowledging to myself--my own financial struggles, aspirations, and accomplishments. My life work, you see, has always been couched in "selfless charity to others"--without regard to monetary gain.

Kind of makes me want to throw up.

Even though I have come quite a long way beyond that particular stuckness, I can still recognize traces of discomfort within me, when I try to put "wealth" in the same sentence with other (more noble) things I long to achieve in my life. There is a lingering and limiting belief whispering in my ear that I will blow any credibility I might have had as to whether I could REALLY be a "good person," the moment I talk about money, wealth building, and financial prosperity.

So, my friend.... What are your experiences and limiting beliefs around money and wealth? What successes have you had in overcoming things like this?

I look forward to hearing from you, and I will be back with more posts soon!

Unlimitingly yours,