Thursday, May 21, 2009

Play it safe or expand?

Conventional wisdom suggests that in tough economic times one should exercise restraint in nearly all aspects of life; that is, play it safe. Entrepreneurs live life differently, however, and see adversity as opportunity to expand in new directions. So…play it safe or expand?

I’d like to propose that the “safer” path, when life feels uncertain, is the one that leads to a place of expanded vision, expanded ideas, expanded opportunity. Without an enlarged sense of what is possible and attainable we burrow further into the limited and diminishing realities of what already is; what is no longer working. How could that be good?? Simply put, it is not good.

The “play it safe” option is motivated by fear: fear of “what could happen.” Hmmm. Playing it safe most generally assures that nothing will happen.

Does this mean that we should throw all caution to the wind and make reckless, uninformed choices? Absolutely not. That too could be disastrous.

What it means is that it’s time to get to a place where the view is different; let’s call it higher ground. Think about it: “What I focus on is what I see.” We will always and ever see only that on which we focus. If we see nothing new, gain no new perspective, see nothing other than what causes us to be afraid in the first place, and nothing other than that which is slipping away, we can’t possibly hope to expand our vision to include new possibilities and new futures.

So when life feels like it is closing in and the future is uncertain, head for higher ground. Change your view, look at the world differently, focus and reflect on the things that are all around you but may not previously have caught your attention. Change your mindset and you will change your life.


How do you mix it up and break out of the playing-it-safe mindset? How do you change your view when the old one is no longer working?