Saturday, June 6, 2009

 A 2007 study done by  Asset Management Advisors found that most women with net worths of $1 million or more, inherited their wealth rather than building it themselves. Hmmm. I guess I am not surprised, but it is still a wake-up call to see it in print.

The study went on to report that in addition to those who inherited their wealth (36%), another 29% gained their wealth as a result of their husband's employment. Hmmm again.

C'mon, Women! We need to get up to speed here. It remains as true as it has been for hundreds of years, that women SPEND most of the money in our society. Apparently only about 18% of us consider ourselves "savers" too. Oh dear. We have really let something settle in here that is limiting our full potentiality. We are still entirely too dependent on Others for our economic health and well being. That puts us about one residual income check away from the slippery slope, if those relationships change. Not a good way to secure our financial futures. And not a good message for our daughters...or sons for that matter.

And even if our relationships are in great shape (and I really do wish that for all), isn't it about time to start changing the demographics again, to show that women are every bit as capable and well-positioned to build wealth on their own, as the men are?

I'd say so. What do you say?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

From cowgirl wannabe to entrepreneur...

Actually, it's not been a very big step at all. At least not in spirit. Oh sure, plenty of years of more traditional employment pursuits in between, but y'know...I've really always had that Cowgirl Thing lurking right under the surface. Those who know me best, get it.

I love the freedom of movement that comes with being a serious entrepreneur; the necessity of taking chances, the variety and adventure that are part of making things happen. "If it is to be, it is up to me."--who said that? (if you know, remind me and I'll properly credit it.) I like the sentiment and what it suggests about the power of taking charge and creating the change I envision in the world. Entrepreneurial Leap? I have ventured into the realm of Internet Marketing/Consultation. Surprised? So was I, but it all makes so much sense now that I can hardly contain myself. A whole array of things that matter most to me have come together in a really neat way.

In the course of doing other research on women and wealth--and searching for an excellent financial education program from which women could greatly benefit--something unexpected came into focus for me. I discovered that when I apply my leadership, mentoring, communications skills, strategic thinking, nonprofit fundraising and development expertise , and lots of sales and marketing savvy acquired in my early (pre-Internet) career days, within the vast realm of the Internet, there is a ton of untapped opportunity. Ee-Ha!! (Cowgirl exuberance).

Internet Marketing is allowing me to 1) learn an entirely new career with all its sophisticated skills, terminologies, and conceptual frameworks (I love this stuff!); 2)replace (and actually improve on) the income from the nonprofit management career from which I recently "retired"; 3) develop replicable methods and strategies for use, not just by individual entrepreneurs, but by nonprofits, and consultants working with nonprofits, to improve upon and optimize traditional approaches to fundraising and communications; and 4) provide me with all the freedom and independence this Cowgirl needs to design and live my next life chapter in a really meaningful way.

Once I have achieved my own income goals and my income-producing system is working on its own with minimal effort on my part (late in 2009), I will be able to put as much time as I choose into doing my lifework of supporting social and economic justice efforts through volunteerism, modest-fee contract work, and personal philanthropy, because I will no longer be dependent on making my living within one single organization within the nonprofit sector. It's a perfect fit for this new chapter in my life. And I SOOO love working from home (patio, cafe', etc.)

If you, like I, have been considering a change--a Cowgirl size change!--or are searching for a solution to help you over the hump of these challenging economic times, let's talk more. I might be able to help.

Thia (Cowgirl Grown Up)